Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors Digital Marketers Must Consider

Having web pages that rank highly in search engines is the goal of almost everyone pursues digital marketing. This is the reason that competition is always fierce when it comes to proper search engine optimization. Check out these 5 organic ranking factors put together by Knowmad, a leading SEO company in Charlotte, NC.

1. Technical Factors Count

It’s important to make sure you have all the technical factors right when going for high organic search engine rankings. Any errors that result in incorrect headers being sent will cause issues. The search engines are fans of fast-loading web pages. Anything that you’re able to do that establish that your web page exceeds technical standards will help sites your site rank.

2. Never Neglect Mobile Users

More people than ever surf the web and view web pages on mobile devices. It’s up to digital marketers to confirm that these users are catered to. The smaller devices they’re using means they expect a different type of content. General optimization rules for mobile content are different than for desktop visitors. Successful digital marketers understand the importance of delivering mobile-optimized content to meet mobile visitor’s needs.

3. Citations and Brand Mentions Are a Big Deal

Websites that are mentioned by other websites tend to rank well. Citations and mentions don’t involve direct links, but they are a clear signal that a website is authoritative in any niche. A mention or citation from a site or outlet with a greater audience helps infer trust and confidence in your brand.

4. Social Signals Are Impactful

Social signals have long been debated as a ranking factor. Regardless if they are a direct factor or not, strong social signals are the byproduct of a strong page. Social shares tend to move direct traffic, which is always a great for a web page. Visitors are the only ones who are able to actually buy something from a page or link to a page, so the more targeted visitors, the better. Social shares validate the quality of a website with recommendations from real people. Popular pages and sites always tend to rank well, so although the causation may not be complete, there appears to be evidence of correlation.

5. Relevant Backlinks from Authority Sites Are Still Powerful

Backlinks from relevant websites nearly always help build credibility and higher organic rankings for websites. Highly ranked web pages nearly always have a significant number of strong links from authoritative websites in the same niche. Cultivating these types of backlinks will always be a priority task for digital marketers who are helping their clients establish websites with strong organic traffic.

High search engine rankings take both time and effort and to achieve. Gone are the days when anyone could quickly force a fast rise in the SERPs. As discussed in Knowmad’s article detailing common SEO myths, stay away from spammy, irrelevant websites.

These days, a methodical strategy that emphasizes “white hat” techniques are the best way to hone top organic rankings. Digital marketers are able to approach the problem from more than one angle, allowing them to strategize the moves they need to make to help their clients rank. Monitoring and tracking what changes are occurring will ensure they’re making the right maneuvers.

How to Create Highly Credible Pay-Per-Click Ads

PayperclickThere are marketing messages everywhere. From bus benches to the side of buildings, there are ads practically everywhere. But how to stand out among these crowd with your PPC ads? The online space is more competitive and more complex. It’s all about gaining the attention of prospective buyers and holding on to it. Our PPC management services in Charlotte are masters of PPC advertising. Below are some PPC strategies you could follow to draw in more customers.

Price Competitiveness

There is always going to be someone selling the same product as yours on a cheaper rate. So start by setting a price tag on your product. Do market research and extract and analyze the data before solidifying your product prices.

People are getting increasingly smart when it comes to buying products on the internet. Give yourself a chance to compete with other PPC ads by setting just the right amount of price tag.

Aggregate the value you are offering in 95 characters

Once you’ve set a pricing to your product comes the next big issue, “Why should a customer buy from you?” You should ask yourself that whenever you are determining a solid value for your scheme.

You can do it efficiently by making the searchers believe that you have more value to offer than the others. You have to convey a clear and meaningful message to your audience.

Remember that you have only 95 characters to sum what you are offering within a 25 character headline and two 35 character description lines. You have to be extremely precise with your ad copy. Below is a list of elements you should follow in order to meet the needs your target audience –

  • Qualifiers: There is a high chance that your customer already has a price in mind for the product. So to ‘filter-out’ the potential buyers include your price directly in the headline of your ad.
  • Call-to-action: Make the customer recognize the urgency of the product you are selling. For example “Limited time offer only” and “Save money on DVDs today”.
  • Risk reduction: It’s important to acknowledge that someone might be making their first purchase in the internet. And everybody has a hard time trusting other people on the internet. Reduce their worries by mentioning shipping deals, return polices and product warranties in your ad.
  • Credibility: Create a connection with your customers by mentioning your credibility. If you are recognized by any associations, mention that. Try to incorporate anything which solidifies your images as a trusted vendor.
  • Product Features: Even though your customer has a working knowledge regarding the product you are selling it is a good practice to explain your product’s features in the ad. And if you have a relatively new product, educate the customer of its usage.
  • Google makes money every time a customer click on PPC ads, and you only make money when the revenue from sales is higher than the sum of total costs for that particular customer. So be clear of your objectives. You have 95 characters to personalize your ads, so experiment with different ads and incorporate different elements to find out what works best for you.

Making the customer feel good about their purchase

Making a customer feel that they are getting the best deal possible paves way for more customers to follow through. For example, mention the original price and your “sale price”. This will make the customer feel they have already saved money by choosing to buy from you. Visual representation like this can bring in more customers.

Price competitiveness, compelling marketing, product features and conversion friendly design will help you gain more trust from potential buyers. If you’re in need of some Charlotte Pay Per Click management services, contact TruRank Marketing.

Viral Marketing: Is it Really Contagious?

Can you think of an advertisement catch phrase that everyone can repeat? Maybe it was the ever popular “Whass Up?!” or if your old enough “Where’s the Beef?”. Those are Viral Marketing examples. It is something that identifies a product that seems to be said by everyone. Since 1999, everyone in dot com. marketing departments have been looking for that golden catch phrase to push them to the top of search engines and profits.

Be Appealing

Finding out what appeals to a particular marketing base can be difficult. Finding the key to that market can be even harder.  One of the main points for finding some thing that is going to “stick” in the minds of your audience, is the authenticity of the expression. The internet view base is becoming technologically savvy and more of them are young people. Finding that niche  will get them buzzing about your site or product can propel you forward to large profits.

Being Attractive

So can your site or product become contagious? Usually, for a viral marketing campaign it, needs to be consistent with self-expression. It must demonstrate intrinsic value and be strategically effective. They should ask the following questions:

  • Does it have an entertainment value?
  • Does it offer some form of instant gratification?
  • Does the reader gain some form of information?
  • Is it unique to the view?
  • Is it something to remember?

Being Active

Viral marketing can be termed as “active”. It produces word of mouth activity that infects Social Media and other audiences. As an SEO marketer, you must become aware or trends or fads. Doing research and having your finger on the pulse of your market is vital. Viral Marketing depends on the customer’s participation and recruiting others as well. Sometimes it’s those “happy accidents” that go viral so be persistent. Attracting traffic to your site or product takes time and attention. Make sure you do research often.

Being Frictionless

“Frictionless” viral marketing is a marketing term that describes when an audience spreads the news about your product or service simply by using it. Services links electric greeting cards are a great example. Every e-card sent has a link to the site accompanying it. There are many sites to choose from so you have to decide what makes you unique and make sure a link is attached to every product. Viral “frictionless” marketing has a deliberate purpose or intent to it. Sometimes it is just being at the right place at the right time. Being on the right search engine or attached to the right site can make your marketing campaign or break it.

In the end, finding that contagious phrase can be elusive. Once you can capture it or something that others “can’t quit talking about” you are well on your way. Try to capitalize on the power of Social Media Marketing. If there is anywhere something can become contagious it’s there. However, please make sure you maintain the integrity of your site or product. Falling into Black Hat or unethical marketing practices will backfire on you eventually. Not only can you face legal problems, but bad information about you goes viral as well. 

Interested in viral marketing, hire this digital marketing agency to get your campaign up and running.

5 Things To Know About SEO For Google

If you’re one of those newbies to the SEO world and cannot yet make sense of what SEO juice and backlinking is all about, here’s a post that you will love. While SEO basics can be learnt in a day, you would need to read through tons of information and experiment yourself to know what SEO’s all about. There are plenty of self proclaimed Gurus in SEO, but only a few really know something about it. Google’s SEO algorithms have gone through some major changes since the past two years and here’s a roundup of what effect these changes have had.

  1. Fresh and Regular posting makes an incredible difference to listing: Posting articles and blogs at least 20 times a month can get 5 times traffic against those who rarely blog, like 4 times a week or so. If you post your stuff on a regular basis, then Google will treat your website as a regular website. Moreover, Google likes fresh and important content and as per the user behavior metrics, the content is positioned accordingly.
  2. Google Adwords: Pay per click advertising is a streamlined marketing campaign which can bring tremendous change to your website ranking overnight. With Google’s display network it will triple your traffic and it will be easy for you to chisel your way in the tough markets. With this, writing a killer advertising copy and website copy can help you get good amount of clicks. It’s best to consult with a SEO company that specializes in both, SEO and PPC.
  3. Google reacts to social media: Google has changed its stance on social media signals. The recent changes show that social media channels are important for Google and it has put Penguin update that is an algorithm modification when it comes to spam content. Moreover, construction of natural back links will be considered as the primary course for webmasters as well. So, you need to publish powerful content for natural back links which people are inclined to share.
  4. Social media profiles affect listing: The social media profiles affect the web page position as well. In search listings for brand names on Google, social media profiles are on the top results. Moreover, the Google+ profile information is displayed on the top right hand side of the search page listings. So, your social profile matters to Google. The great thing about achieving this goal is that you could easily do it yourself after a little research. However, if you’s rather outsource, acquire a social media marketing services from a qualified agency.
  5. No place for manipulation: We all know that brand strategy and publishing high quality content are not new concepts. Google’s launch of Panda and Penguin algorithms communicates a clear message that Google is looking at weeding out sites that employ Black Hat methods. The focus it seems, is more on branding and quality content.

5 White Hat SEO Techniques You Need to Know About

If you’re trying to look at Google and your online marketing endeavors for the longer perspective, you surely are looking for some good white hat SEO techniques.

So, how can White Hat help?

White Hat SEO techniques are the right way to dominate search engine positions and bring a positive change to the website unlike the black hat techniques that often results in Google penalizing you heavily. Allow a Charlotte SEO Company to implement these top 5 SEO techniques listed below for better results.

  1. Use effective keywords: While Google has started looking for results based on semantics and not just the keywords alone, your content does need to have the right keywords. All essential elements of the page, like, title, H1, H2, Meta keywords, heading elements, alt tag, and links, are important today as well – it’s just that their relevance today is less than before.
  2. Inbound links need to be qualitative: Let’s put it in another way. If you have a food website, then linking with other food websites is a good inbound link. However, if you link with a website clothes, it would not be able to fetch as much SEO juice.
  3. Link to authoritative websites: You need to perform a deep link to pages on your website and not just link them to your homepage. Lastly, link to 3 quality relevant sources in every page of content you are publishing. You need to check the position of your website on the search engines after linking so there is quality over quantity.
  4. Title and heading tags: The structure of title and heading tags is crucial which makes it easier for the end user to see your content and find what they want in a glance. The article title is H1 tag, subcategories are H2 tags and subsections are H3 tags which should be structured appropriately as these carry heavy algorithms when search spiders crawl the website.
  5. Quality Content: After the Google Panda update, it’s more about focusing on quality and length. Google likes websites that can develop a brand out of themselves and are looking at content that is relevant and explains everything in detail. For SEO in Charlotte, and all cities for that matter, content marketing is key.

Let’s take two examples – there are two websites selling portable speakers. Website 1 shows information about the speakers, highlights the features, gives a nice roundup of what the product is and offers a nice UI. The other website has information on speakers that is grammatically incorrect and there are no details. Google will rank the first website higher for it is structure and unique information.

So, give an edge to your SEO techniques today and your goal to attain a higher page rank will become simple.